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Privacy Statement

Open For Inspection Privacy Statement









We use personal information collected from you during open inspections for security purposes. [We may also use that information to contact you with respect to this property to provide feedback for our seller, following your inspection *].  If the information is not provided, we may deny access to the home, as to ensure we are providing an effective service to our seller and as a security protection against their home. Other than in the circumstances allowed under the Privacy Act 1988, we do not disclose information of this kind to other parties.


Open inspections


This notice could be included on the property's flyer/brochure or as a separate notice provided whenever personal details, eg name and phone number, are collected from people attending open inspections or upon request. NB:  Specific consent should be obtained to use information collected for any purposes unrelated to the primary purpose of collection.  If, for example, name and contact details are collected for security purposes, specific consent should be sought to use those details for marketing. This consent can be verbal, but must be informed and voluntary.  It would be prudent to record the fact that each individual has in fact consented to the secondary unrelated use.



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